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Our People

Our people are our biggest asset. Quality dictates our employment strategy. We are an equal opportunity company which strives to provide the best to
its clients.

Our sole criterion for hiring people is that they be the best in their field. We have ensured that our work environment motivates and creates ample opportunity for our people to perform, excel, achieve and progress. We practice a meritorious rewarding system based on credibility, contribution and effort. People-management is our forte and our people work hard at being the best.

Accent PreMedia organizes self development workshops for the staff apart from participating in regular industry-related workshops; this helps them thrive in the most challenging assignments and promotes higher morale and camaraderie. Team integration and work ethics is fostered in a sound working environment. Employee health and safety rank high in our priority list.

Accent PreMedia is committed not merely to the work aspect of the employee but ensures that a healthy balance is maintained between work and family life. This work culture helps us retain employees over the years and cut attrition rates.