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eBook/ePub conversion

The World is going the digital way. Information technology is influencing the way people read books. The concept of electronic book (e-Book) is changing the reading habits of people worldwide. e-Book publishing is the next (r)evolution in digital publishing. An e-Book is a computer file, which contains the text of a printed book. The file may be read on a personal computer (PC), a personal digital assistant (PDA) or an electronic device designed specifically for reading e-Books (e-Book reader).

Accent PreMedia undertake projects for conversion of existing publications into e-books, and also the creation of new e-Books. We can create ebooks from hard copy (including images, photographs, graphics, mathematical symbols etc.) and from any electronic format. We can compile any pages that include text, images, photos, sounds, animations and movies into a portable, compact and attractive e-Book. Besides the above, there is total control over the appearance of the e-Book. Any changes required in the text can be incorporated immediately. You can decide if you want the user to copy your information, you can even decide if the user is able to print your book!

ePub 3
Chartered with updating the standard, the EPUB 3 Working Group, with members such as Apple, Google and Adobe, has spent over a year debating. The new, expanded version includes significant changes that make enhanced eBooks more approachable and affordable.

- Low cost, self-publication publication by authors
- Complete portability: e-Books can be distributed in CDs, via internet downloads or e-mail attachments
- They are searchable, and have a dictionary lookup feature
- The interface (the reading area) is customizable for specific needs and circumstances
- They are compact - many e-Books can be carried in a small package
- They are easy to update
- Out of print books can be made available without the huge cost of printing
- Archived magazines and newspapers can be converted and posted on the web
- There are no delivery costs, no mailing hassles, no postage and handling costs
- Delivery is immediate
- Bookmarks allow the user to book-mark any page and access the same at any time